Blue Star Art Complex: Geeky Art Exhibits

Last Thursday I headed down to the Blue Star Art Complex to check out two geeky art show previews: Wicked Whimsy Art Show: Carla Yeatts Creatures at Tatum Orginals/Choice Goods and Who You Gonna Call: A Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary Event at Hijole SA. Both galleries were small, but exhibited some incredible talent. I actually prefer smaller events as I get a chance to meet the artists and find out more about their work. Since I attended the soft opening for both exhibits, I got to spend some quality time there and even catch some live painting! Blue Star hosts a First Friday every month, which can get pretty crowded, but thank goodness I discovered they also do “Thursday Before” which is far less busy and chaotic. Both events are free, but on Fridays the parking lot fills up fast and you may have pay for parking at a not-so-close lot, or walk quite a ways if you park in one of the nearby neighborhoods.

Even though I’ve been to Blue Star a few times, I’ve never fully explored the entire complex. As far as their restaurants, I’ve been to the brewery a few times, well as the Halcyon. The only galleries I’ve seen are the Brick, the Upstairs Studio and Choice Goods. There is so much more to explore. Every time I go to Blue Star I feel a little bit hipper – not to mention deeply inspired surrounded by contemporary art. And they seem to be ramping up on their geeky-themed art shows, so I am practically becoming a regular! They held a Star Wars show recently, as well as a Game of Thrones inspired event. There is even a Stranger Things themed exhibit coming up!

In any case, check out my videos below to see a little wander around the complex, and the Wicked Whimsy and Ghostbusters art shows! Carla Yeatts is an unbelievable talent. Her imagination and attention to detail blow me away, and she is so nice! I also had the opportunity to talk to the wonderful Justin Chase Black of Throwing Chicken, and purchase one of his prints at the Ghostbusters show (though it was an illustration of Tom Servo and Crow from MST3K). I also talked to the gracious Sarah Barcus, another artist showing at the Ghostbusters exhibit. Of course I wanted to buy EVERY single piece I saw at both shows, but they were out of my price range. However, there were plenty of affordable prints available at both galleries, priced between $15-$30. As much as I would love to support these artists and buy their original work, for now I will settle for giving them as much exposure as I can!

Blue Star Art Complex: Tatum Originals Choice Goods and the Upstairs Studio

In case you’re interested…here is the Game of Thrones inspired art show at the Brick from April 2019


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