Traders Village San Antonio

Hi guys! So this past Saturday my family and I visited Traders Village San Antonio. I’ve been wanting to check it out for a couple years after seeing it advertised on billboards in my neighborhood, but I’ve never taken the opportunity. Well this weekend, we finally went! It was pretty hot outside, so we packed a huge water bottle (which turned out NOT to be enough – note: bring LOTS of water) and sunscreen and headed on out. When we arrived, we paid $4 in parking, of which there was plenty. There was hardly anyone there, even though they had advertised their event POP Swap & Nerd Stuff, with special guest Steve Cardenas, the Red Power Ranger. We were pretty grateful that the crowds were sparse, however.

We took a quick peruse of a few rows of shops, but quickly realized it would take days to see them all! We did snag a $4 pair of Spiderman sunglasses for my son, as we forgot to bring his. There were tons of toys, clothes, accessories, collectibles, plenty of geeky browsing – even a few comic book shops and vintage video game sellers. I noticed some of the prices were very good, while others seemed a bit higher than I would want to pay at a flea market. But as I was there with my kids, we kept the shopping to a minimum and headed to the rides! It’s just $9.99 per person for a wristband with access to unlimited rides all day. There were mostly kiddie rides, and just a few thrilling rides for adults. There was also a Rumpus room (basically a climbing play structure) and bumper cars. I also stumbled upon an arcade, and a few live performances (a Michael Jackson impersonator and country music singers).

The food options there are plentiful, though not entirely cheap. We sprung for water bottles at $2.25 each, a life-changing watermelon Agua Fresca at $5.00 (which was massive and totally worth it) and a decent Red Ranger funnel cake, also $5.00. I did wish we had packed a lot more water and sun hats, as the heat was pretty intense out there. Luckily there is plenty of shade and places to sit (but no air conditioning, just some powerful fans blowing). The POP Swap event was relatively small with just a few vendors, but lots of good merch to be had. We got there later in the day so we missed the cosplayers and any other fan fare that was planned. One of the vendors displayed some amazing geeky replicas made from recycled parts, which was definitely worth seeing! Also, one of the permanent shops there, called Stonez N’ Bonez, is a must-see. It’s full of eclectic objects such as crystal skulls, dragon figurines, signed fantasy art prints and mini gargoyles…basically my dream shop.

Traders Village seems like it will be a fantastic place to visit in the cooler spring or fall, and I definitely look forward to going back! I would even go without the kids to do some serious shopping. Check out my video below to see more!


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